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HMS Endurance, also referred to as The Crimson Plum, proudly served the Royal Navy for 24 years as UK’s sole ice patrol vessel. She was transformed for the aim of her function, together with the addition of a hangar and flight deck for the operation of two WASP helicopters, carrying the numbers 434 and 435 respectively.

All through her profession within the RN she primarily deployed to Antarctica with the 2 WASPs embarked, and carried out survey missions to uncharted waters, supporting the British Antarctic Survey. Other than that, she additionally took a serious half within the Falklands Battle of ‘82, carried the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh throughout the Trafalgar 200 celebrations and much extra honourable operations.

Sadly, her profession was lower quick while on an 18th-month deployment, when Endurance suffered in depth flooding to her equipment areas and decrease lodging decks leading to catastrophic damages and the ship to be ultimately written off. (Her captain, Cdr Tom Sharpe analyses his expertise within the crew’s efforts to avoid wasting the ship within the article: Mayday within the Magellan)


The imposingness of an Antarctic Patrol ship and its energy to affect nice occasions such because the Falklands Battle, was sufficient of a lesson to influence The International and Commonwealth Workplace’s choice into requiring a Royal Naval presence within the deep south. Therefore HMS Protector was rushed into service to exchange Endurance and stand because the UK’s precious asset for good, supporting international science and conservation. No matter its worth, the shortage of a hangar and the uncovered flight deck, leads to rare helicopter landings, making Protector unable to offer the precious helicopter logistics functionality that her predecessor may provide. 


RN have now assigned two Sky Mantis UAVs to be flown from Protector. By honouring the custom and respecting the historic continuity, when Evolve Dynamics got here to use the identification side-numbering to the 2 new Sky Mantis UAVs, the numbers 434 and 435 got respectively…and the legacy continues.

These Sky Mantis carry a number of particular options to in the end alter to the RN necessities, together with a “boat mode” software program bundle and buoyancy sponsons on every plane’s facet. Boat mode permits taking off from a rocking platform in addition to dwell house monitoring and ensures the plane autonomously returns to the vessel – slightly than the take off location.

The 2 UAVs are designed to supply excellent performances even on the most unprecedented, foul climate situations and freezing temperatures (-5ºC right down to -17ºC windchill which is nicely inside its working vary of -40ºC to +50ºC and a sea water temperature of -1ºC), with straightforward deployment and low upkeep value, nice versatility in surveying when utilizing the usual twin payload digital camera (Twin HD 30X zoom low mild EO and 640×512 30FPS thermal / IR) and lengthy endurance (1 hour of flying with payload).

The monitoring capabilities of the UAV payload will serve to finish search and rescue missions and also will be used for aerial images, surveying and plotting routes by means of sea ice. A complete mission planning software program bundle permits superior mapping and cartography missions.

Evolve Dynamics is humbled and honoured to hold these numbers ahead and we sit up for supporting the Royal Navy and HMS Protector of their future operations throughout the waters.  

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